State Controller’s Office                                                        Mailing Address

Division of Audits

School District Audits

Post Office Box 942850

Sacramento, California 94250-5874


State Controller’s Office                                                        Private Carrier Delivery

Division of Audits

Financial Audits Bureau – Education Oversight Unit

3301 C Street, Suite 700

Sacramento, California 95816

Telephone:  (916) 324-6442



California Department of Education

School Fiscal Services Division

Audit Resolution Staff

1430 N Street, Suite 3800

Sacramento, California 95814

Telephone:  (916) 323-8068


Federal Audit Clearinghouse

Bureau of the Census

1201 E. 10th Street

Jeffersonville, Indiana 47132

Telephone:  (800) 253-0696 (toll free)