File a request for summary review with the Executive Officer of EAAP via mail or at our Filing Email:

Please encrypt any confidential information submitted via email.

The following information should be included in the request:

  • LEA name
  • Fiscal year audited
  • Statement that the LEA is requesting summary review of the finding(s)
  • Finding number(s) for which a review is requested
  • As to each disputed finding, the facts and reasons behind the LEA’s claim that it was in substantial compliance

LEAs may also submit documentation to support their claim, or note in the request that supporting materials will be provided at a later date. Any information that the LEA believes supports its claim should be made available to EAAP. Once EAAP verifies that the request has been timely filed, a case number will be assigned and an acknowledgement of receipt letter will be sent to the LEA. During the review, EAAP staff may call the LEA for additional information.

Based on the review, EAAP’s Executive Officer may waive or reduce the reimbursement or penalty, or find that substantial compliance was not clearly met. The LEA will be sent a determination letter which provides the Executive Officer’s decision regarding the summary review. Unless complete relief is granted, the determination letter will detail the next steps for the LEA to take, if a request for formal appeal is desired.